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Research is a movement of thought that does not depend on codes or specialized savoirs. It is neither disciplinary nor bound to produce certified, true knowledge. In other words, research is open and endless. Predicated upon these premises, lo Squaderno is a free web journal devoted to explore and advance research movements.Launched in 2006, lo Squaderno collects original short features by people committed to research in various fields. Each issue is structured around a thematic focus around the topics of of space, power, and society.The journal is published four times per year: March, June, September, and December. The journal is published online under a Creative Commons Licence and is thus offered in Open Access. Just click on the picture of the  cover to download the issue. The journal does not charge authors any handling or publication fees.

lo Squaderno is a project by Andrea Mubi Brighenti and Cristina Mattiucci (both at the University of Trento, Italy), helped and supported by Mariasole Ariot, Paul Blokker, Giusi Campisi and Andreas Fernandez. It is published online by professionaldreamers.Each issue of the journal takes advantage of the specific competence brought by the guest co-editors in the field of the monographic topic (listed below), and is enriched by the sharing of knowledge and ideas from all its authors. lo Squaderno is open to guest editors and thematic issues proposals. Please also have a look at our editorial process information.
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